Commitment to business ethics


To be in the forefront of the trading business who meets the demands for quality products and efficient services by our customers.
To be the best marketing and distribution company that provides quality products to consumers.
To be the company of choice to all our employees who all strive to make our company succeed.

One company. One team. One Goal.

Since the start, Cheval Private Company has recognized that our people are essential to our success. That philosophy continues to drive our concern for the well-being of everyone at the company.

Unsurpassed reputation in professional brand management

At Cheval Private Company, we strive to maintain our leadership as a company that provides quality consumer food and non-food products delivered in a fast and efficient way to meet the demands of today's consumers.

Passionate about our brands, our products and our people

Cheval Private Company is committed to ethical business practices in all of our operations. We choose suppliers and distributors who share that same passion and commitment to serve quality products to consumers.

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